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What is Tokopini?

The app that compensates you for leaving a feedback  

In the app you will find all associated shops, after buying something from these shops you will be sent a request for feedback to the app.


Evaluate your buyings on service, product and delivery. You can also leave a comment.

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Create vouchers for the amount of your choice and spend it in any associated shop or give your credit away to a friend.

How does it work?

Very easy, all associated shops will send a request for feedback to Tokopini  
Your credit

Save money with your feedbacks and create vouchers. After every feedback you will see what you earned.

Create voucher

Create a voucher for the amount you wish and use it in one of the associated shops. The number of shops grows every day,

Give away credit

Besides creating vouchers you can also give away credit to a friend which he can spend where ever he wishes.

Pending feedbacks

After buying you will receive a push notification to your mobile and the pending feedback will show on the home page for you to fill in.


We have a lot of shops in Tokopini, but beware this number grows every day.

My profile

Besides changing your details you can see here your history of vouchers and give-aways.

Your feedback is so valuable to us that we pay you for it ;-)

The app

Here you can see some screenshots of the app 
200 Shops
346 Users
2358 Vouchers
3214 Feebacks


If you have a webshop and you want to participate with Tokopini, contact us  

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Available at App Store and Play Store